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Bespoke Creations

Introducing some of my favorite bespoke creations commissioned for special occasions:

1.  3-piece bridal suit

A 3-piece bridal suit consisting of a tailored jacket, camisole and cigarette pants cut in a red-and-black floral brocade from Italy. To create this suit, the client and I first had a design consultation about color, silhouette and material. Based on her personal style and her idea of a bold but contemporary brocade pattern, I sourced for this exclusive brocade. I took her measurements and based on those specs, created a first prototype. After some initial alterations, a second prototype and fitting were arranged before a final paper pattern was drafted. As a fully bespoke suit is centered around fit and fabrication, subtle yet precise details like length had to be adjusted before the final suit was complete. 

Watch a Video of the suit here


2. Wedding Cheongsam

A fitted cheongsam cut in the Aquatic Print on a tencel-cotton-spandex with blue trims and blue frog knots. For a simple wedding registration ceremony, we decided on this unique fabrication which was also lightweight with stretch and, most importantly, versatile enough for different occasions. 

3. Upcycled Wedding Gown 

My client had a beautifully crafted wedding gown that she wanted to re-purpose into a versatile look that could still reflect elements of the original gown. Due to the multiple seams and complex tailoring of the gown, I had to unpick the gown first (including the lining, netting and bra cups) and design-on-the-fly.

I first made use of the existing train of the gown (which had the most amount of fabric) to create a flared skirt, and added the Corals Print for the waistband and side seams. Next, I removed the upper and back lace panels. As the see-through lace panels and exposed back made it tricky for everyday dressing, I re-constructed the panels and the back using the Corals Print and some leftover gown material. I added in sleeves for extra comfort. And finally, I re-sewed the original lace collar with its jade buttons. 

Many thanks to my client for her trust and opportunity to prolong the usability and life-cycle of a special dress. We re-purposed 90% of the original gown material, leaving only the lace panels (still intact) for future projects. 


4.  Custom-tailored Bridal Cheongsam Gown

My client knew from the start that she wanted a modern qipao with a lace overlay that played with multiple textures. I started the process by sourcing for the right lace before we selected this 3D floral embroidered mesh, a red cranberry silk satin as the base, and a silk habotai for lining. To lighten the heavy texture of the floral pattern, I designed an open back and used the original scallop edge of the fabric to outline the back. A column gown silhouette and a slim mandarin collar were chosen to keep it clean and streamlined. 

For a gown to look effortless, no stitch lines should be seen on the outside. To do so, a fair bit of hand stitching has to be done. From the collar, the closures, the hem, the armhole (hand-sewn with a mesh trim), and appliquéing additional flowers to cover up "less-than-perfect" parts. 

View the process here





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