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BuenosAires fabric masks

Seattle face masks

Seattle face masks

Seattle face masks

Seattle face masks

Wearing face protection mitigates the spread of COVID-19. There are a few hindrances to a widespread adoption of such protection. 

General use respirator face masks don't: look very good, fit very well, or maintain air-tight effectiveness.  

Therefore we've: 

  • recycled 100% cotton fabrics from past collections at A.Oei Studio--jerseys and twills (machine washable) ideal for particle filtration and comfort;
  • included elastic where necessary, for durability; and,
  • most importantly, applied a good deal of care addressing the problem of how the bridge of the nose creates an air gap under the eyes: sewn-in metal strips, encased in batting, and foam-ended. 

The end result is good air and better vibes. BuenosAires.  

Each mask is handmade, produced in small batches. Suggested per-mask donation: $15-$25. If you're within walking distance to Capitol Hill Station (Seattle) you can pick one up in person; if not, we'll ship it to you.  


(*Our fabric mask are based on the CDC guidelines for "Cloth Face Coverings") 


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  • I love everything about this! Thanks for providing high quality masks and a way to support local small businesses. Can’t wait to share we clients. I just bought sone for our entire family including the out of state folks! ❤️❤️❤️

    Mellicia, Poplin Style on

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