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Model and Healthcare Professional - Victoria Victor

Creative Series feature women who inspire us in their creative and intellectual pursuits. They remind us of who we design for and why we love what we do - creating pieces that are innovative in style but still functional and comfortable.


Q. Who are you?

A. I am Victor Loo and also go by Victoria Victor, and I am an androgynous model originally from Singapore and currently based in Seattle. I have a small physique and feminine features, and often get mistaken as female. After I immigrated, I continued my passion for modeling by reinventing myself as an androgynous / genderless model.

Besides modeling, I also work in the healthcare / social service industry, with a focus on integrating primary care (providing multi-social services like food banks, citizenship, civic engagement) with behavioral healthcare (mental health and substance use disorder), and I am grateful to use this platform to advocate equity. 

Q. What kind of challenges did you face working in healthcare during this pandemic? 

A. I work in a non-profit organization that serves immigrants, refugees and vulnerable community members. With the pandemic, we have to be innovative to provide virtual services through Telehealth to abide physical distancing. However, we have to acknowledge that individuals with low / no income, low / no English proficiency and low / no digital literacy may not have access to our services. 


Q. Where do you draw inspiration from? How do you stay motivated?

A. The desire and drive to lead with equity and reduce disparities keep me grounded and motivated. Being a vegetarian and individual who believes in the importance of wellness to balance body, mind and spirit ignites my passion to what I do with compassion. 

One quote that I love is "the simplest thing has the greatest capacity". I draw my inspiration from little things in life, where I remind myself daily that I am blessed to have overcome barriers and become more resilient as time progresses. 

In my quest for simplicity, I love fashion designers with minimal aesthetics and when their designs convey a story.

Q. How has it been like as an androgynous fashion model?

A. I work with folks who have told me that I am in the right time and moment. No one would have hired an androgynous model like me 20 years ago. I never take this moment for granted as I know the opportunity presented to me has created a path for me to do what I love in arts and healthcare. Modeling gigs allow me to integrate fashion with healthcare in ways which are meaningful and allow me to instill positivity. 

Although the fashion industry has become more inclusive in terms of gender and race, I think there is more we can do to be more diverse and uplift the BIPOC community members with more representation. 

Q. What is your go-to outfit?

A. A timeless jumpsuit. It is gender-neutral and I usually accessorize it with a unique necklace.

Find out more about Victor here

Photography by: Anthony Morrow, Seattle Fashion Collective 



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