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Singapore Stories 2021

I am thrilled to have been nominated for Singapore Stories 2021, a designer competition with the themes of heritage, sustainability and technology, held by the Textile and Fashion Federation.
Inspired by a series of Tang Dynasty pottery artefacts encrusted with corals at the Asian Civilizations Museum, my collection "Deep Sea Diving" conjures the image of a diver discovering live and dead corals. To capture this juxtaposition of life and death, I digitally rendered my sketching of corals into two unique prints - the Corals Print and the Fossils Print. Inspired by the streamlined silhouette of a diver's wetsuit, the collection featured gently contoured cheongsams and two-piece sets that combined draping and tailored lines. A dark color palette with a luminous glow of gold, silver, electric blue and red.
A.Oei Fashion Concept

The materials and designs were cut for circularity and minimum waste. By focusing on versatility, I needed just 5 fabrics (Corals Print on a cotton-tencel, Fossils Print on a cotton-silk, recycled polyester-rayon gabardine twill, silver-blue grenadine, and black silk). The fabric remnants of the collection were then re-purposed into the 
Patchwork Jacket and the Kimono Jacket.
A.Oei Fashion Show
A.Oei Fashion Show
A.Oei Bespoke Fashion Designer DC

Reviewed by Tatler Magazine as "a stunning hybrid of modernity and heritage", this collection will be showcased at Design Orchard in 2021 and the Asian Civilizations Museum in 2022.  

Designs are handmade-to-order. Please send in an email request for designs that are not shown in the e-shop.  

(Images and Videos by TAFF and Tatler Magazine)

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