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Interior Designer - Charlie Hellstern

Q: What is your go-to-outfit? 

A: What I love about A Oei pieces is the blend of tried and true silhouette mixed with unique prints, or complex silhouettes mixed with classic textiles. I strive to find pieces like these.

"Feeling good is important to me. What I look like on the way out the door sets the tone for each day. I want to represent what matters to me." 

I always support local artists in my work, it’s wonderful to be able to extend that to my wardrobe. Nowadays, it’s so hard to know where our clothes come from.

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Fashion Show - Balance

We are proud to have produced our first independent and collaborative fashion runway show at Inscape Arts. The vision for the show was to combine an urban, digital pulse with delicate, abstract florals, and sharp tailoring. An accessible public show where models with their own personal styles and stories brought the designs to life. 
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Linda of Clementines Boutique

Q: What's the story behind the name "Clementines"? 

A:  My friend was going to name her baby Clementines...and I started thinking about the song. There are really funny shoe references - how Clementines dies even though her shoes are number 9, and when she drowns, her sandals are "herring boxes, without topses". I always thought the song was sad because his love dies, but if you listen to the whole song, he's sad until the end when he kisses her younger sister. It's really macabre, like a Coen Brothers' movie. Sad but funny.

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