Hybrid Flowers and Bjork

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I had been reading articles on hybrid animals and plants that cross-breed due to changes in their environment, and became fascinated by the ideas of new species, evolution and possible myths that might emerge. I was looking for a way to translate this into a collection when I came across a Dazed and Confused interview with Bjork. In this article, she is gloriously dressed in tulle, otherworldly plants and flowers, laid down on a delicately arranged tomb or marriage-bed. It is a surreal, terrifying yet mesmerizing vision of a biophilic utopia. 

With that image in mind, I designed the Hybrid Print as a patchwork of floating, fluorescent flowers that played with rich tones of gold, olive, turquoise and burgundy against a dark palette. An optimistic, romantic and dynamic world of cross-pollination and fantastical floral species.

Loose fluid silhouettes with soft pleats and drapes contrast clean, asymmetrical lines. Heavy wool blends and rib knits add brushed, grainy textures to a selection of smooth, silky tencel and cotton. Cozy, relaxed forms with bursts of sharp colors.

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