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Hybrid Print

Released in 2018, the Hybrid Print is inspired by the concept of cross-pollinated hybrid flowers. Through a process of digitally de-constructing and re-assembling petals and leaves from images of different flowers, we created our own fantastical floral species. To keep the pattern abstract, the flowers are rendered as solid color blocks floating against a black background.

In terms of colors and shapes, we drew reference from a Dazed and Confused magazine interview with Bjork, in which she is photographed in a bed of flowers and plants, some seeming to grow out of her skin - depicting an otherworldly vision of biophilia.

Interested in a custom design using the Hybrid Print? Let's collaborate.


Video by Amanda Gann, Little Bird Creative 

© The Hybrid Print is an exclusive A.Oei Studio artwork, registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. No reproduction of text or images, in whole or in parts, is allowed without the permission of A.Oei Studio.

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