Spring Fashion Inspiration: Kinetic

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I began Spring'19 fashion collection with a research on Kinetic Art and, in particular, Alexander Calder's wiry mobile sculptures. I was fascinated by the way his sculptures captured organic motion in such a precise yet simple and playful manner. 

Translating inspiration into a fabric print can sometimes be tricky because you have to consider the wearability of the product and how it moves around the body. I didn't want a literal representation of Calder's works but rather an interpretation of the spirit of his art.

Intrigued by dance as an embodiment of mobility, I tried a few different sketching and ink painting techniques, eventually breaking the figures down into contour lines - "stick men" or "cave men" style. To play with dimensions, the print is reduced into pure black and white. It even gives the illusion of looking like a moving "zebra print" from a distance.  

Because a print can be visually and conceptually interesting, it sets the tone for the designs of the collection. Pops of red, bright rust and steel blue complement the stark neutral colors. Handkerchief drapes and curved hems are juxtaposed with clean lines and a grid pattern. Cotton-blends with a matt sheen bounce off soft jersey and silky tencel twills. The combination of colors and textures balances organic and geometric forms. 


A.Oei Spring Fashion 2019 InspirationSpring Fashion Fabric Print A.Oei


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