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In my research, I discovered a Dazed Magazine interview with Bjork about her album "Biophilia". In the interview, Bjork is dressed in otherworldly plants and flowers - a surreal utopian vision of humans and nature merging together. 
Inspired by this concept of hybridization, the Hybrid Print is a fantastical species of floating, fluorescent flowers that play with rich tones of gold, olive, turquoise and burgundy. 


II. Aquatic

The Aquatic Print is a reinterpretation of the Hybrid Print - this time, inspired by the calm colors of the sea combined with digital glitches that subtly break the pattern apart.  

© The Hybrid Print has been certified by US Copyright Office and may not be reproduced, in parts or whole, without the permission of Angeline Oei, owner of A.Oei Studio.

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