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Fall 2018

A.Oei Fall 2018 Women's Clothing Collection

A.Oei Seattle Women's Fashion Collection

A.Oei Seattle Fashion Designer Collection

Contemporary Fashion Designer Label A.Oei

Exclusive Seattle Fashion Designer Label A.Oei Studio

Winter Fashion Collection A.Oei Studio

Contemporary Women's Fashion Collection A.Oei Studio

Avant Garde Designer Collection A.Oei

Inspiration notes:

After reading articles on hybrid animals and plants that cross-breed due to changes in their natural environment, I became fascinated by ideas of new species and myths that could emerge in the anthropocene. At the same time, I came across a Dazed and Confused interview with Bjork. In this article, she is gloriously dressed in otherworldly plants and flowers - a surreal and electric vision of a biophilic utopia.

With that image in mind, I started designing the Hybrid Print as my own version of a fantastical floral species. Turquoise has always struck me as one of those odd color tones that relate both to the sea and the cyber world. Once I found this beautiful shade of turquoise on a silky soft tencel, it became a stand-out color surrounded by burgundy, golden, and charcoal gray. 

Fall fashion inspiration