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Spring-Summer 2018: Flourish

A.Oei Studio Spring 2018 Fashion Collection

Summer Fashion Collection A.Oei StudioSpring'18 Fashion Spring Fashion Collection 2018 A.Oei StudioMinimalist Fashion Collection Seattle Designer A.Oei Studio

Inspiration Notes:

Inspired by the concept of Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities of re-creating an ideal human form, Flourish revolves around a face print that has been deconstructed and layered to look like foliage, an abstract botanical print.

I started my research with Naum Gabo, a Russian sculptor, whose life-size steel (re)construction of a head has been largely representative of the constructivism art movement. The sculpture breaks down an organic body into flat, mechanical-like 2D planes that interlock. I wanted to incorporate that idea of deconstructing a face into clean lines. By layering the faces and enlarging the size, keeping the colors light and wispy with hints of silvery-gold, the print appears soft and fluid.  


Spring Fashion Inspiration