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D.C. textile designer


Prints tell stories and add a unique texture to the garments. Inspired by art and nature, these signature patterns are designed in the studio and digitally printed on unbleached silk and cotton.  A process that utilizes specialized inkjet printers to directly apply graphics onto fabric, digital printing consumes less water and energy, and it can be produced on-demand in small batches.
View designs that are cut in our signature prints:
A.Oei Printed Fabrics

Mountain Print

The Mountain Print was transformed out of a series of photographs of the Rocky Mountains. By layering various opacity levels and blending the original colors into dusky pastel shades, a new pattern of soft, rhythmic textures is created.

Landscape Print

The Landscape Print captures a topographic view of the Rocky Mountains. The original photographs are intensified and abstracted to the point at which only shadowed outlines of the mountains remain. 

A.Oei Printed Fabrics
A.Oei Printed Fabrics

Hybrid Print

The Hybrid Print presents a surreal, romantic vision of hybrid flowers. To create this print, various petals and leaves are digitally extracted and reassembled into a fluorescent species floating on a black background.

Aquatic Print

A variation of the Hybrid Print, the Aquatic Print is a calming sea-blue outline disrupted by a digital glitch.

A.Oei Printed Textiles
A.Oei Printed Textiles

Kinetic Print

An interpretation of Alexander Calder's mobiles, the Kinetic Print is an ink painting of dancing figures that seek to capture the lightness and playfulness of the artist's ethos.

Corals Print

At the maritime trade gallery in Singapore, a collection of 9th century Tang artifacts had been recovered from a shipwreck. Encrusted with corals, the artifacts expressed new textures that inspired this luminous web-like pattern.


A.Oei Corals Print

Fossils Print

Colored in chalk, yellow-gold and silvery blue, the Fossils Print is a deconstructed pattern inspired by the rock-like skeleton left behind by coral polyps.

Glide Print

A hand-sketched pattern of a Cooper's Hawk in a garden city, The Glide Print is a celebratory print that evokes a sense of renewed optimism.

A.Oei Fashion Print

Types of fabric

1. Natural and bio-degradable fibers such as mercerized long-staple 100% cotton and silk that are tightly woven with increased durability and sheen, gentle and comfortable against the skin. 

2. Tencel-lyocell fibers, a regenerated wood-pulp fiber (from eucalyptus or bamboo) by which raw cellulose is dissolved in an amine oxide solvent which is non-toxic and reusable. Tencel is easy to care for and has a silky and breathable quality. 

3. Polyester-blends for sturdier garments such as jackets and trousers which are intended for extensive wear and perform other functions such as water-repellant needs or provide stretch. 

4. Plain-colored fabrics are sourced directly from a Japanese factory, an establishment which is transparent about the fiber content, fabric quality and the manufacturing process.  



Our pieces are designed with durability and functionality in mind. Extend the life cycle of the garment by following wash care instructions, found inside the garment or on the product page.

General wash care (for cotton / cotton-blends):
- Cold hand wash or cold machine wash in a laundry bag
- Hang dry
- Medium iron
*Avoid tumble-dry as natural fibers may shrink or pill under high heat

- Cold hand wash
- Hang dry 
- Dry clean possible

- Dry clean only