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1. Original prints

Prints are a core essence of A.Oei Studio - they tell stories and add a unique touch to the garments. Each fabric print is conceptualized and designed in our studio then digitally printed on raw Thai silk and cotton.
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A.Oei Mountain Print   A.Oei Landscape Print
A.Oei Botanical Print   A.Oei Floral Print
A.Oei Black and White Abstract Print   A.Oei Abstract Flower Pastel Print

2. Types of fabrics

1. We use natural and bio-degradable fibers. Most of our garments are made of 100% cotton that are mercerized with long-staple fibers. They are more tightly woven with increased durability, a refined sheen, comfortable and easy on the skin. 

2. We use Tencel-lyocell fibers (certified Tencel (TM), which are regenerated cellulose fibre made from wood pulp. The production of lyocell substantially reduces water pollution as raw cellulose is dissolved directly in an amine oxide solvent which is non-toxic. Almost 100% of the solvent extracted can be purified and reused. 

3. We use polyester-blends for sturdier garments such as jackets and trousers. We believe that different product groups have different needs, and that the end-usage is just as important. These are easy-care-wear pieces that don't require as much washing, and are comfortable and durable. They perform other functions such as water-repellant needs or provide stretch. We are currently sourcing for recycled polyester that have lower impact than virgin polyester but maintains the same quality. 

4. We source directly from an established factory in Kyoto, Japan, where we can have answers regarding fiber content, manufacturing process, and fabric quality.