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A.Oei Studio

Design Philosophy

A.Oei Studio focuses on reinvented classics and original textiles. Inspired by art, nature and technology, we approach each collection by designing prints that visually tell these stories and combining graphic and abstract textures that can be mixed and matched beyond seasons. 

Responsible Manufacturing

We produce in small batches with manufacturers in Seattle, Vancouver and Singapore. We work closely and personally with these factories to ensure quality control and a fair, professional environment. Our fabrics are predominantly of natural fibers like cotton and silk sourced from Japan, selected for their ease and durability. We are dedicated to creating a product and a brand that is honest, accessible and ethically made. 

The Designer

Founded by Angeline Oei, A.Oei Studio was envisioned as a creative platform to explore new design and textile techniques in contemporary womenswear. Angeline trained in Amsterdam Fashion Institute and designed for international luxury brands before starting A.Oei Studio in Seattle and Singapore. 


Seattle independent fashion designer
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