Fashion Show - Balance

We are proud to have produced our first independent and collaborative fashion runway show at Inscape Arts. The vision for the show was to combine an urban, digital pulse with delicate, abstract florals, and sharp tailoring. An accessible public show where models with their own personal styles and stories brought the designs to life. 
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The process of starting a women's clothing brand

The recent weeks have been exciting times for the brand as I presented my works and creative process to a larger design community.

Firstly, an intimate panel discussion on the future of retail with Fashion Group International and Armoire, a clothing rental company. We talked about the challenges of being an independent designer label and how A.Oei has adapted to the changing retail landscape by partnering with Armoire to reach out to new customers. 

Secondly, I was featured as a guest speaker at renowned architecture firm, Olson and Kundig. I presented an in-depth look into the process, inspiration and motivation behind the brand. It was an inspiring atmosphere of creative people picking at the seams. I was both thrilled and honored to have a space to share my works and ideas. 

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Travel Edit

When it comes to traveling for a summer vacation, we want clothes that are smart, unfussy and versatile. 

Here's introducing our travel edit, shot during a sunlit stroll along the concrete rooftops of Seattle. Airy styles with clean lines and fine details that add a pop of color to an industrial landscape.

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Interview with Seattle artist Mya Kerner

I was first introduced to Mya Kerner at an Inscape art installation and was instantly drawn to the soft, poetic nature of her landscape paintings. This interview was an exciting excuse to visit her studio and learn more about her creative process. 

Q: What inspires you?

A: The natural landscape moves me and that is where most of my inspiration comes from. I also pull a lot from literature, mostly sci-fi and fantasy novels as well as poetry. I am enthralled by world-building and stories of a people’s being within the land.

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Spring Fashion Inspiration: Kinetic

I began Spring'19 fashion collection with a research on Kinetic Art and, in particular, Alexander Calder's wiry mobile sculptures. I was fascinated by the way his sculptures captured organic motion in such a precise yet simple and playful manner. 

Intrigued by dance as an embodiment of mobility, I tried a few different sketching and ink painting techniques, eventually breaking the figures down into contour lines - "stick men" or "cave men" style. To play with dimensions, the print is reduced into pure black and white. It even gives the illusion of looking like a moving "zebra print" from a distance.  

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