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A.Oei Studio


Fashion is trending towards a new production model. Fast and slow, high and low; needs and tastes are ever pixelating. Anticipating these micro markets requires a lean and agile production line, complete end to end competence. As a self-contained atelier, A.Oei Studio composes professional-grade textile prints, sources sustainable materials, drafts customizable paper patterns, and sews the apparel to completion, prêt à porter. Altogether this process results in a product-experience that is unique, timeless and versatile.


Combining the craft of bespoke with the ease of prêt à porter, A.Oei Studio's collection comprises of a range of original designs that can be customized in size, fabric and style. 

Our plain-colored fabrics are responsibly sourced from Japan, while our specialty textiles are designed in the studio and digitally printed on unbleached cottons and silks. Using natural and biodegradable fibers like cotton, silk and lyocell, these light to medium-weight fabrics are comfortable, durable and suitable for various climates and occasions. 

Made in the U.S., the bespoke process minimizes waste and ensures a well-fitted design made of the highest quality. This also allows for creative one-of-a-kind options that foster a rich and engaging collaboration between the wearer and the maker. By deepening the connection between the wearer, the maker and the design, this process can increase the material usability, symbolic value, and life cycle of clothing. 

To raise awareness and cultivate an appreciation for the craft of sustainable fashion, A.Oei Studio regularly organizes pop-ups, talks and fashion shows that engage with the local community. 

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Designer and Founder

A native of Singapore, Angeline trained at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the Netherlands where she developed techniques in creative 3D pattern cutting, apparel and textile design. Angeline further honed her knowledge of tailoring and prints as a fashion designer for luxury womenswear brands in Antwerp, New York City, and Singapore.

Drawing inspiration from these diverse cultural experiences, Angeline aims to re-contextualize the meaning of fashion for the modern woman. A.Oei Studio was launched in Seattle in 2017 to offer an alternative mode of crafting garments - one which is centered around sustainability, artistry and personalization.

Angeline was a Singapore Stories finalist in 2021, the winner of Arts Thread Emerging Talent, and a nominee for the Pacific Northwest Gray Awards in 2019. A.Oei Studio is currently based in Washington, D.C..

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