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A.Oei Fashion Show

In 2019, I created two independently-run, free-to-the-public fashion shows in Seattle with the aims of: 1) introducing my designs; 2) presenting fashion as an artistic endeavor and a durable form of craft that is mindful of its physical environment and; 3) making luxury fashion accessible and interesting for the general public.

"Balance" at Inscape Arts

Ikebana, a Japanese art of flower arrangement, formed the initial source of inspiration for this collection. The word, Ikebana, means "giving life to a flower". Through a precise development of the form, shape and inner qualities of different flowers, Ikebana expresses a sense of (both metaphorical and physical) "balance".

The location for the show was at Inscape Arts and Cultural Center, a former immigration detention center that had been converted into an artist studio building (where I occupied a studio). The show, I felt, could represent a symbolic intersection of art, history, and a spirit of optimism. To capture an urban and dynamic pulse, we choreographed the show such that models would rhythmically weave in and out of the set with the audience up close. Ondine, a Seattle botany artist, created floral sculptures and headpieces that added three-dimensionality to the designs. The collection combined cut-outs, color-blocked patterns, and a balance of tailored and draped forms, bright nylons with undertones of dusky pastels and brushed textures. 


Fashion Show Seattle Designer A.Oei

A.Oei Fashion Show Seattle

Seattle Fashion Show A.OeiSeattle Fashion Show A.OeiSeattle Fashion Show A.Oei

Seattle Fashion Show A.OeiSeattle Fashion Show A.Oei

Seattle Fashion Show A.OeiSeattle Fashion Show A.Oei

Seattle Fashion ShowSeattle Fashion Designer Runway Show

 "Hybrids" at Traver Art Gallery

In the fall of 2019, I was invited by Traver Art Gallery to conceptualize a show for the Pioneer Square Art Walk. I drew inspiration from the gallery's exhibiting artist, Tori Karpenko, whose sculptures and paintings explored the transformative power of solitude and contemplation in raw wilderness. 

Inspired by the regenerative powers of nature, my collection incorporated a futuristic sheen with soft, organic textures -- shiny silks, embroidered lace and brushed wool. Streamlined silhouettes layered with asymmetrical pleated details to play with shape and proportion. I chose the Hybrid Print and the Fossils Print as the key patterns that combined a burst of robust colors and quiet energy.

Traver Art Gallery Fashion Show
Traver Art Gallery Fashion Show


Videography by Korrze

Photography by Silas and Steven Leonti




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