Winter Wardrobe Essentials

We hate to say it but the cold is upon us again. We've put together a list of winter wardrobe essentials for 2018. The key is to get a few good layering pieces that you can stay warm and cozy in but still look stylish when necessary. 

Suffice to say, A.Oei Studio is a strong believer in the black dress. Go for a minimalist but magical all-black look with pops of sharp accent colors. 

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Hybrid Flowers and Bjork

I had been reading articles on hybrid animals and plants that cross-breed due to changes in their environment, and became fascinated by the ideas of new species, evolution and possible myths that might emerge. I was looking for a way to translate this into a collection when I came across a Dazed and Confused interview with Bjork. In this article, she is gloriously dressed in tulle, otherworldly plants and flowers, laid down on a delicately arranged tomb or marriage-bed. It is a surreal, terrifying yet mesmerizing vision of a biophilic utopia. 
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Inspired by the concept of Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities of re-creating an ideal human form, Flourish revolves around a face print that has been deconstructed and layered to look almost like foliage.

I started my research with Naum Gabo, a Russian sculptor, whose life-size steel (re)construction of a head has been largely representative of the constructivism art movement. The sculpture breaks down an organic body into flat, mechanical-like 2D planes that interlock. I wanted to incorporate that idea of deconstructing a face into clean lines. By layering the faces and enlarging the print, the print appears more fluid, dreamy and textural - the faces only obvious upon closer look. 
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The Earth is Always Moving

In 2016, I took a train trip through the Rocky Mountains in Vancouver. It was an impressive sight and a reminder of the geological processes and formations that have taken place over time. This experience correlated to my move to Seattle, when my sense of time and space felt distorted and confused, and I wanted to identify that feeling of impermanence. I started designing abstract landscape prints by digitally manipulating photographs I took of the mountains.
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